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Signing a Contract



To place an order and have your cake put on our production schedules for your event date a $100 non-refundable deposit ($200 for cakes over $1,000) is required.  Without the deposit, we will not hold your date or add your cake to our production schedule (baking, decorating and delivery).  If you elect to wait until 2 weeks (or less) prior to your event date to place your order, we cannot guarantee that we can make your cake due to our full production schedule – even if you have previously talked to one of our consultants.

Final Payment

Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your event date. If payment is not made by the due date the cake will not be started, scheduled and may be cancelled.  When a deposit is made, the due date for the final payment will be written on your order under the amount due.  We will do our best to contact you in the event that you don’t contact us by the date due; however, the responsibility to finalize your order is yours.  Since some cake orders are well in advance of the event, please let us know if you change your contact information so we can contact you if needed.  All orders are considered FINAL two weeks prior to the event.  In order to give our customers the ultimate products and services ANY changes inside of two weeks prior to the event including but not limited to size, amount, flavor, design, etc. [if even deemed possible] will require cash payment to cover all additional costs in labor, supplies, expediting, facilities and schedule changes.  Charges inside the final two weeks prior to the event typically range from $50 to $500 in addition of the original order total.  Note: All deposits paid are forfeited on canceled orders.


The events surrounding a customer request for a refund will be evaluated by Don Polvorón Bakery on a case by case basis and will be at the full discretion of Don Polvorón Bakery as to what, if any, refunds will be awarded based on common industry practices as long as the cake is cancelled at least 15 days prior to your event. Refunds of the deposit amount are forfeited ($100 for cakes under $1,000 and $200 for cakes over $1,000) due to our full schedule and our attention to detail we spend many hours planning and preparing before even starting your cake, not to mention the costs of processing your order and ordering supplies sufficient to make your cake. 

Additionally, we schedule our decorators based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to make each cake and often stop taking new orders for the week due to a full schedule.  This is to make sure we can make the cakes we commit to.  Cancellation of your order will leave a ‘hole’ in our schedule which may or may not be filled by another order.  Once you place your order we depend on you to fulfill your part of the transaction – buying the cake – the same as we promise to hold up our end of the transaction – to make your cake as specified on your order.

Security Deposit Agreement

All rentals require a deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment being rented (i.e. cake stands, cupcake towers, plates, jars, etc.).  This deposit is due at the same time the down payment is made (see Deposit section) and in the form of cash.   The equipment must be returned no later than two days following the event.  For every additional day we will deduct from your deposit $20 per day.   We follow standard practices for equipment/rental agreements in that we return all deposited funds upon the return of equipment, unless the equipment is broken or damaged at which time we use the deposited funds to replace and/or repair any and all damages so our customers will continue to enjoy the highest level of quality equipment available.  If the equipment is dirty, $50 of your deposit will be deducted.


You have 48 hours from the day you received a copy of our Terms & Conditions/Payment & Refund Policy or you place your order to cancel your cake order without any penalties.

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