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What Our Customers Are Saying


So with my son being a huge fan of tres leche cake and not being too impressed last year with Safeway's version we decided to go more authentic. For his graduation cake, this was his request. This bakery is right down the street from my mother's house. She's the one who actually went to go get it and she said the customer service was great. At home the cake was a hit everyone loved it and it was gone within the weekend. We would definitely go here again even outside of an occasion.

Yelp Review 6/9/2020


If you're looking for a delicious bakery and somewhere to cater your wedding! You have found the perfect place! Their cakes are so moist and delicious and their prices for cakes are extremely reasonable! Their pan dulce are to die for, you can feel the love they put in each bite! I wish I took some pictures but I licked the plate clean!

Yelp Review 3/10/2020


Great experience. Super fast delivery time (4 days) called everywhere and no one could create the cake as quick as them. They did however ask if the cake looks complicated and my order wasn't.

Anyways, I asked for a simple LEGO head design and I ended up getting something better.  I had to shake the cake makers hand because I was excited how it looked. I told him I owe him a review :) check out photos... highly recommended.

Yelp Review 2/12/2020


I absolutely love this place! I have ordered my nephews birthday cakes from here 2 years in a row now and they always come through! Not only are they great at making cakes pretty but they taste delicious! Hands down my favorite bakery!

Yelp Review 1/10/2020


I ordered a tres leches cake here for my kids bday and it was absolutely delicious.. everyone loved it.. this was the first time I ordered a cake here and I'm waiting for another bday to come up so that I can get a cake.. they do have a free cake tasting on tuesday I think .. I got to taste some amazing cakes!!

Yelp Review 9/14/2019


Went to my friends Birthday party and the cake and desserts were amazing, the cake was so cute and it tasted so good. I never knew Hayward had such a great bakery. I can't wait to visit and try all the desserts!

Yelp Review 8/24/2019


This is the 2nd time I have ordered cake from here for a large party... my reviews are long over due. The first cake we got for my grandmas birthday and it was so cute & DELICIOUS. We had guava cake with fresh strawberries. My family and I love that cake so now any time we order cake from here it's the same thing, guava with fresh strawberries. My baby shower just passed in July and we ordered 3 cakes for the circus theme. Everyone LOVED the cakes. They tasted so good

and they were so cute. Here are some photos. This is our go to spot for life now!

Yelp Review 8/19/2019


Don Polvoron Bakery did an amazing job on the cake for my nephew's party. I met with Jorge and showed him the picture of what I wanted and he assured me that he can do exactly what I wanted. He gave me options and showed me different types of cakes that his team created. I had the 2 tier cake. One with red velvet and mango and the other one was mango on mango. The mango on mango was a great combination. I was really impressed with Jorge and his teams work. Our guests enjoyed the cake. They are very affordable compared to other bakeries in the area. I will certainly use Don Polvoron again for my next event.

Yelp Review 4/29/2019


Jorge and his team do amazing work! He is affordable, the cakes taste amazing, and most importantly Jorge and his crew are very respectful. Jorge has been working with my fiancé & I to design our ideal wedding cake. He has been very responsive throughout the process & has catered to our needs, letting us know what is and what is not possible. The 1st time I came to try samples, Jorge brought out 10 diff flavors to try for not only myself but also my fiancé, mom, & grandmother. Jorge also was very flexible with making a deposit & scheduling payment. I am very fortunate that this hidden gem is so close to my home, & I look forward to working with Jorge again in the future.

Yelp Review 1/24/2019


Don Polvoron is truly a hidden gem. I was on a tight budget for my wedding cake and frustrated all the quotes I received from bougie bakeries in the East Bay. I am so glad my mom recommended Don Polvoron. My wedding cake was affordable, beautiful, and delicious!!
Jorge was pleasant to work with. He listened to what I wanted for a cake design and even let me a change my design a month out. I will come back to Don Polvoron for all my cakes in the future!

Yelp Review 12/30/2018


I ordered a wedding cake for 200 people , must say it was one of the best cakes I have had in my life, we ordered a Tres Leche which was moist and extremely delicious.

Do not judge the book by its cover, as the location may not be the true judge of how amazing is Jorge with his cakes and service, I live in San Ramon and all the people I called here were overpriced and had long wait times, Jorge was very responsive and professional

Yelp Review 2/28/2015


I first met Jorge at a Quinceanera Expo in San Jose. When I saw the fondant cake he had made for the expo I knew immediately he was the one to hire. I made an appt with Jorge and brought him different pictures of what I envisioned for the cake. I was glad I had met him at the expo first, because honestly, the bakery doesn't look like much. But don't let that turn you away!

Jorge, made the most incredible cake for my daughter's Quinceanera.  As one of the guest's said, "Cake Boss has nothing on him!"...I wish I had a pic to upload, but I will be giving him a pic soon to add to his portfolio.  I told Jorge, "This must be your masterpiece!"...It was four tiered, fondant, Quinceanera cake with details galore! Sugar diamonds, ....absolutely breathtaking!  I think more people took pics of the cake than the birthday girl.

The cake was delicious! Everyone's favorite was the custard with fresh strawberries..I am deeply grateful and incredibly satisfied with his service!

Not to mention, the best pricing in the bay area! (no joke, I shopped around!)

Yelp Review 5/1/2013


I ordered my Quinceañera cake here after one of their free cake tastings on Tuesdays. The cakes that we tried were awesome! We spoke to Jorge and he was very kind and really wanted to hear about what I wanted my cake to look like. He gave us an excellent price and I highly recommend this place to anyone!!

Yelp Review 7/18/2012

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